Board Reviews & Board Management

Our approach to reviewing and evaluating boards is honest, practical and applied.  We start our board reviews with an evaluation completed by all directors and key executives and follow this up with detailed one on one conversations.

We review board papers and other governance documentation and then compile a practical report of professional insights and recommendations.  Our report is typically discussed at a board meeting via video link. We also work with external providers to measure the diversity of thinking around the board table.

Additional board reviews & management services

1. Creating a tailored board charter

Board charters provide for the effective and efficient operation of a board, ensuring the roles and responsibilities of the board are clearly understood by all relevant stakeholders, the operation of the board and the relationship between board and management is defined, all directors have a clear understanding of the manner in which the board will conduct itself and the organisation’s expectations of them as directors.

2. Producing board annual work plans

Annual board work plans help boards be more effective by providing board members with an outline of the year ahead. It details board meeting dates and other key commitments for the year and ensures adequate attention is given to key board functions which might otherwise pass without due attention.

3. Documenting executive delegated authorities

Delegated Authority policies give clarity as to decision making responsibilities and set the minimum level of authority required to commit the organisation. This type of policy typically seeks to create a culture whereby employees are empowered to make decisions which have a positive effect on the company, once the risks involved have been considered; create efficiencies in the company’s decision making process; hold people accountable for the decisions made against costs incurred and ensure there is effective internal control over the exercise of authorities.

4. Board software and other board secretarial services

We partner with a trusted team of governance administrators whose services include board meeting logistics, agenda and board pack preparation, minute taking and distribution and action item communication.

Our preferred board management software provider is BoardPro.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss anything relating to your board or business.