Board Appointments

We’ve helped appoint over 170 board members. Clients really like working with us: we’re knowledgeable and recruit excellent, experienced individuals. And we like to make the process personable and enjoyable.

We always start the board appointments assignment with a stakeholder workshop to get full alignment on what success looks like for the board and the skills, experience and values of the ideal appointee. If this is the first time you have appointed a board then we’ll answer all your questions and give you confidence the investment will be a success. Alongside our headhunting of specific individuals, we also use Appoint Better Boards to broadcast the board appointments to their 17,500+ director talent pool.


Board appointments service inclusions

1. Structuring new boards – formal or advisory

We understand it can be a big step introducing governance for the first time. So we use our deep experience to guide you through the set up, advising on whether it should be an advisory board or a formal board of directors, number of board members, what to pay them, how often to meet, what to expect of them, who should chair the board, how to manage board meetings and much more.

2. Recruiting directors, advisory board members and trustees

We know the measure of our success will be the calibre of board member we can attract to your organisation. That’s why we use the dual approach of advertising and headhunting.  Advertising allows us to broadcast the role to the widest possible audience and ensure new director talent (like those leaving the executive world or returning back to NZ) is alerted to the opportunity. Our preferred channel for advertising is the Appoint Better Boards community of 17,500 directors that we can access free of charge.  Alongside advertising we make direct approaches to the many individuals in our own governance network: people who we have previously interviewed, coached in the earlier stages of their board career or those we have monitored through the media as they build their governance portfolio.

3. Shortlisting and facilitating interview panels

We utilise a custom-built applicant management system that provides complete transparency as to who has expressed interest in the role. It also provides a very efficient way of sharing confidential candidate credentials.

We prepare for the interviews in advance by agreeing structured questions or by requesting a candidate presentation. Normally we are asked to lead / facilitate the interview panel.

4. Advising on board remuneration

We have the experience to guide you on sensible fees to pay your board members: a balance between attracting the highest quality of individual possible and ensuring internal budgets and ROI are adhered to. Variables that influence remuneration include whether the role is formal or advisory in nature, frequency of meetings, time commitment outside of board meetings, sector or industry risk, sub-committee participation requirements, the size of the organisation, whether it is a chair role and the calibre of individual the board is looking to attract.

5. Producing formal board appointment documentation and due diligence

Whether it is a chair, independent director or advisory board role we have comprehensive engagement letters to ensure expectations are aligned and your appointment is safeguarded. This documentation also addresses the situation of a director working through a personal services company and the associated tax compliance requirements.

Our due diligence includes referencing via telephone, online media scans and searches of disqualified director databases.

6. Board member inductions

Following the appointment of board members, we can assist you with a process for inducting the new individual. You may also like us to help create a board charter, annual board work plan or undertake a board review.

Please give us a call to discuss anything relating to your board